Calgary, Canada

“MX” Series
  Mineral Roller Bit
“AHJ/AHJT” Series
 Metal-Seal Roller Bit

1. Adapts sliding bearing metal-seal structure, suitable for high speed well drilling.
2. New oil retaining sealing structure, strengthen bearing lubricating capability, lower weariness.
3. New technology applied for surface of tooth axis with high tensile wear resistant alloy and cone hole plated with silver to improve the bearing capacity & anti-seizure property to increase the service life and stability.
4. Choose appropriate alloy tooth, tooth structure, optimize tooth layout fitting with formation to improve drilling efficiency.
5. Adapts large diameter seal ring optimize sealing force design to increase sealing life.

Adapts sliding bearing structure of rubber-seal or metal-seal, optimized teeth layout, stable bearing performance and reliable operation. Suitable for engineering pipeline crossing, rotary drilling, reaming tool, etc. 

"AY/AHY” Series
  Mill-Tooth Roller Bit

1. Both rubber and metal seal type are available according to drilling technology requirement.
2. Both sliding & rolling bearing type are available according to drilling technology requirement.
3. New wear resistant material applied at the surface of mill tooth with optimized welding process, increase mill tooth wear resistance.
4. Optimized mill tooth layout to improve drilling efficiency.

Tricone Drill Bit products
“AY/AHY” Series
Engineering Bit

Adapts radial two-stage rolling, air cooling, seal bearing, inserted roller bit. New tech and lubricating system applied to reduce wear & multiple lubricating and increase service life 

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