ACE Drilling

Calgary, Canada

1. Optimized crown profile design and cutting-depth control for hard rocks and interlayers, meets the demand of drilling in medium-hard formation
2. Improves the overall performance of the drill bit by applying high abrasiveness, impact-resistant and thermal-stability cutters.
3. Specific tooth-gap design, and targeted force balance analysis are able to prevent the wears on ring grooves and extend its service life.
4. Optimized hydraulic structure design improves the cleaning ability and prevents balling

1. Specially designed for shale rocks. Enlarged waterways significantly prevents the nozzles from clogging. Optimized hydraulic design improves the cleaning ability.
2. Adapts to the unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, making significant results in kick-off and horizontal sections with excellent directional control.

“B” Series
Designed for Directional drilling.
“H” Series
Designed for abrasiveness formation

1. To improve the speed of ROP, optimized crown profile and placement design of cutters will adapt the drilling need between medium-soft to medium-hard formations.
2. Force-balanced design reduces the abnormal damage probability of the drill bit and extends its life.
3. Optimized hydraulic design improves the ability to carry out the cuttings and prevents bit balling.
4. Overall performance is improved by using superior US made PDC cutters.

1. Discontinuous cutting structure ensures the bit will  drill formation easily, and the deep waterway improves the migration efficiency of cuttings.
2. The performance of impregnated bits has been effectively enhanced by using an orderly arrangement method to make diamonds evenly distributed on the surface.
3. The Impregnated bits can be specially designed by our engineers to match the specific formation according to the customers’ requests.

“E” Series
Designed for super abrasiveness formation
“F” Series
Designed for drilling for shale formation
“A” series
Designed for the purpose of “gain high Rate of Penetration (ROP)” under conventional drilling steering.

1. Adopting high quality carbide compacts, the bits in this series are very wear-resistant with a longer working life.
2. Spiral-blade design makes the drill bit more stable for directional drilling.
3. Optimized hydraulic design improves the ability to carry out the cuttings.