​​ACE DRILLING TOOLS INC.is supplying Oil &Gas, Water well and Mining with quality drill bits. The major mission of ACE is to design customized bits.

We do personalized drill bits design, we give you the best bits to suit your wells. Our quality plus our competitive price can be your first choice.

For Mill Tooth bit, we can design and manufacture any size upon your request.

IADC code available: 117 ,127, 137, 147 ,217, 227, 237, 247, 317, 327, 337, 347

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                            Design Feature

Sealed journal bearing structure with bearing hardsurfaced and silver plated to improve its load capacity and anti-wear ability. Highly saturated Buna-N rubber O-ring is adopted to provide a better resistant performance, which guarantees a high RPM and a long working life.

13'3/4 AY127

12'1/4 AY127

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Mill Tooth Type