ACE Drilling

Calgary, Canada


ACE Drilling Tools Inc. is one of the leading worldwide providers of drill bits for oil, gas & water wells drilling, construction, mining, geological exploration, and environmental drilling. Our Business scope consists of, though it is not limited to the following areas:

  • Service: Delivery and 24hrs’ Technical Support provided;
  • Sales:  We take pride in the quality products we provide with our customers;
  • Rental: We are committed to offering quality bits and accessories with competitive prices. ​

For ACE, products’ quality is the life line of the whole company and that’s why we continuously perfect the quality control system. All products have been certified by API. Product quality and customer service along with innovative engineering have been and will always be our top priorities. We devote ourselves to customer satisfaction through our quality products, competitive pricing, unmatched services, technical support and continued introduction of new and innovative products.


  • ACE DRILLING TOOLS INC. is one of the leading worldwide providers of drilling bits for oil, gas & water wells drilling, construction, mining, geological exploration and environmental drilling.

  • We specialize in the design and manufacturing of TCI and PDC drill bits;

  • The professional teams of engineers, analysts, and designer’s make sure ACE can handle all the requirements from customers with mature and reliable methods. Precise and rigorous design and manufacture under a mature and reliable system will guarantee that our products are in good quality. A proficient team which has more than 100 technicians with CAD、CAM、SOLIDWORKS and PRO-E software skills make sure we can complete requirements from customers quickly and efficiently.


Specializing in, but are not limited to manufacturing TCI bits. Our business partners have over 30 years of manufacturing experience, creating 100 types of drill bits. The warehouse facility occupies 160,000 square meters, consisting of two heat treatment lines, 180 sets of manufacturing units, 42 sets of research equipment, producing in excess of 15,000 pcs of cone bits per year. Another  of our credible partners specializes in production of PDC bits, covering an area of 8000 square meters, 60 sets of various processing units, 400 sets of drilling tools, as well as testing facilities and supporting tools. We believe we stand in a league of our own, continuously challenging ourselves to design and create outstanding drill bits, including PDC, Tricone, engineering, drag bits and many more. Our professional and dedicated team of 150 technicians with CAD, SOLIDWORKS and PRO-E-software skills  work efficiently to ensure that we exceed our customers expectations.