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Features :

  • By calculating the vector sum of the cutters, the balance of the drill bit can be identified.
  • When combined with the wear quantity mathematical model to derive the equivalent wear rate, the drill bit can be optimized.

Rock-cutting Mechanics of Single Cutter 


  • By analyzing the vector of the bottom of the fluid, it is possible to identify whether the bottom will appear vortex, and thus, effectively avoid causing drill bit balling from the accumulation of rock fragments in the bottom.
  • By analyzing the surface velocity of the drill bit, it is possible to detect whether the mud can effectively cool each cutter.

Equivalent Wear Rate

Hydrodynamic Analysis of PDC Drill Bit

Mechanics of Whole Bit

​​    News:

  • We have moved. Come and visit us at our new location @ #140, 1936 27 Ave, NE, Calgary, AB
  • With your support, ACE has completed so many wells and achieved extraordinary records in the past half year. Please don't hesitate asking us how we delivered the best service and products to our customers. You satisfaction is our first priority. 
  • ACE attended 2018 Global Petroleum Show with a lot of positive feedbacks. Thank everyone who came the booth. We sincerely appreciate your opinions. Send us an email to let us understand more about your need.   
  • ACE is actively involved with the mining Industry of South America;    
  • ACE enjoyed a very successful client response at Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show at The Stampede BMO Centre in June, 2017. We’ve held very productive meetings with several oil and energy companies, and are pleased to report that we signed a few contracts (pending) with potential Oil Companies. ​
  • When clients are planning to drill a well in the best capacity, ACE offers a superior quality drill bit, ensuring an outstanding performance. We are focused on maximized satisfaction, when designing and creating our bits, according to our customer’s requirements. ​

Analysis of Structural Mechanics of PDC Drill Bit

Rock-cutting Mechanics of Single Blade 

Surface Flow Velocity Analysis

Fluid Vector Analysis of Bottom Hole

The Ridial Force of the Cutters

The Axial Force of the Cutters 

ACE Drilling Tools Inc. is one of the leading worldwide providers of drilling bits for oil, gas & water wells drilling, construction, mining, geological exploration, and environmental drilling. For ACE, products’ quality is the life line of the whole company and that’s why we continuously perfect the quality control system. All products have been certified by API. ACE has confidence to supply world-wide market with sharp quality bits. Product quality and customer service along with innovative engineering have been and will always be our top priorities. We devote ourselves to customer satisfaction through our quality products, competitive pricing, unmatched services, technical support and continued introduction of new and innovative products.

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